our story
I'm Ash, and this is Harlen!

Born in the north of New Zealand and having lived in Queensland for the past 15 years, I have seen first hand how harsh UV rays can be on both sides of the ditch.

When I became a Mumma, I knew that sun safety was something I was willing to invest in for my bub. The idea for BukiBaby came as the result of a personal search for sunglasses for my (then) 4 month old, that actually looked good and ACTUALLY protected his eyes from the sun. Pickings were slim!!

During my research, I was surprised to find so many studies on how incredibly important it is to protect little eyes from UV rays (especially in countries like Australia and New Zealand). Yet, the majority of us are still guilty of only grabbing our OWN sunnies when we walk out the door. Why?

When creating Bukibaby, I wanted to give Mums, Dads, Grandparents and carers an option that provided the BEST in UV Protection, but also one that makes strangers in the street stop and tell you how cute your baby looks in their sweet shades.