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My baby looking cool

Love the pair of shades I bought though my husband removed the straps as it's a little tight for my baby's head. The shades fits her perfectly, love it. My baby ducks down whenever we go out and it's sunny, now she doesn't with her shades on. Will order again for when she's a bit older. Gotta protect those little eyes!

Baby B-Shades 0-2 Years with Adjustable Head Strap

Baby sunglasses

My little granddaughter is 5 months old and just loves her new sunglasses. She doesn’t need the strap as she leaves them on no problem. They are great and will be setting good habits as she gets older to protect her eyes from the sun. We are very pleased with these sunglasses thank you. They were delivered quickly as well. All in all we have had a great experience with Bukibaby sunglasses.

Baby T-Shades 0-2 Years with Adjustable Head Strap

Baby T-Shades 0-2 Years with Adjustable Head Strap

Love them

My 8 month old loves wearing these sunnies. They sit well on his face and the adjustable strap is perfect as he likes to pull them on and off. Means I don’t have to pick them up every 5 minutes

Love these!

Extremely cute and I'm not sure how but they stay on really well!

Hex-Shades 2-5 Years
Ranger Smith
Hex shades

My daughter loves the glasses, amazing and excellent quality! A must need for children

Gorgeous and comfy!

My 8 month old daughter loves being outside now that she has her Bukibaby Sunglasses. She used to squint terribly but not looks around on walks. She doesn't try to take them off like she does with hats and headbands, so they must be comfy too. Very happy customer :)

Cool cat

My baby looks great in these! He is 6 months old and doesn’t seem to mind once they’re on. And he looks stylish!


My bubby is 4 months old and he loves them. They are super cute, great lense quality and stay on well with or without the strap.

Loved them

Honestly the whole package was great, my 6 month old loves wearing them, she hates the strap though. Luckily she doesn’t need it.

Super cute

Got these sunnies for my 4 month old son and they look adorable! They must be comfy as he likes to wear them and the strap helps with keeping them on 😊


My little one loves them! No more squinting and turning away from the sun when we’re outside! Absolute life saver

Perfect Pink

Very happy with the product! My daughter is only 4 months old and loves wearing them whilst out in the pram or park. I feel good knowing her eyes are being protected by a quality lens.
Looking forward to extra colours being available in the baby range.


These are fantastic for your little ones. The fit is perfect, they look cool and the strap keeps them on!


Exactly what I wanted, the head strap helps so much and Bub looks so cute with them

Love these little shades

These snazzy sunglasses fit my 2.5yrs olds face perfectly. I brought her a baby pair at 6months old and she loves wearig them, she always gets compliments from random people about how cool she looks and how good she is leaving them on!
The only slight down side with her current ones are the left arm since delivery is a bit loss and can't be tighted anymore so they do more around a little bit when she's jumping around, but she loves them anyway and she'll grow into them more!

Perfect for my baby

Lovely design and good quality. My 7 months baby is getting used to them but it seems she really like them.

My baby loves them

Our 4 month old usually hates bright sunlight but has been totally happy sitting outside in his super cute new sunnies. The head strap works a treat.


I get lots of comments about how cute my little girl looks every time she wears them. They are also comfortable for her and fit her well (she is 4 months).

Club-Shades 2-5 Years
Fiona Schramek
Club Shades

BEST sunglasses ever. I have purchased several sunglasses for my grandson from this site. They are well made, look great, fit perfectly, are affordable, arrive quickly andddd come with a free case to keep them safe. This is the only shop i use to purchase sunglasses for my grandson and will continue to use for as long as i can
WELL DONE BUKIBABY we love your sunglasses and your service, keep up the great work !!!

Baby T-Shades 0-2 Years with Adjustable Head Strap

Hey there!

I actually haven’t received them yet but excited to try them once I do. I sent an email yesterday inquiring about their arrival.

For my granddaughter

I bought these for my granddaughter as her parents like to go fishing and on her first time out she had her eyes closed all the time. These sunnies look great and will help when she is out on the water